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Easter 2020 Images 投稿者:Leia 投稿日:2020/04/01(Wed) 09:33 No.396947 home   
It was therefore decided to make Easter Sunday the first Sunday after the first full moon after vernal equinox.

Happy Easter Images 投稿者:Silvia 投稿日:2020/04/01(Wed) 09:27 No.396946 home   
Free spring-themed craft activities for kids from 11am-3pm and the first 150 children will receive a mini Easter Basket with treats.

Happy Passover Images 投稿者:Matt 投稿日:2020/04/01(Wed) 09:12 No.396945 home   
Now, Easter is held on the first Sunday following the Paschal Full Moon, which confusingly isn't necessarily when you see the full moon.

Happy Passover Images 投稿者:Matt 投稿日:2020/04/01(Wed) 09:09 No.396944 home   
One theory is that eggs relate to Easter symbolically: Just as a hard shell contained new life, so the tomb of Jesus contained his resurrection body.

Easter Images 投稿者:Neville 投稿日:2020/04/01(Wed) 09:07 No.396943 home   
Ash Wednesday arrives and our Churches are packed. More than 14,00 easter eggs will be placed throughout Central Park West Meadow.

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